Get Used to (Low-Fat) Vanilla

Ah, one month later. Here I am. Jeez, if I keep posting such boring vanilla entries I’m bound to lose readers. Well, I hope you stay with me ’cause this blog is going to get real nilla before it gets kinky again.

I’ve decided that it’s time to focus on me. No matter how long that takes – before I focus on finding a man. As they say, nobody is going to love me like I want until I love myself. I’ve been off my diet now for a couple months and it’s gotten to the point where I can literally see the weight I’ve gained in my face.

For the sake of my health and sanity I need to buckle down on this thing. Since forever I’ve been dieting, falling off the horse, dieting, falling off, dieting, falling, dieting, falling… it seems like it’s a never ending cycle. One thing that stays constant is the fact that I keep trying. I’d like to say that’s all that matters. Unfortunately, one of these times I’m going to have to succeed in this venture to lose weight and change my lifestyle.

Portions are getting bigger, jeans are getting tighter, and my skin is starting to feel oily. So yeah, considering the fact that I feel pretty damn disgusting, I’d say it’s time I did something about it….again.

Only problem being is that vacation is only 7 days from now. This will only ruin my routine if I start now. So I’ve got 7 days to figure out something new and different for my routine when I get back from vacay. I’ll keep you posted.

And as much as I know it’s infinitely more interesting to read about juicy sex than dieting progress, I fear dear readers that I won’t be able to provide those details for the next year or so. I’m resigned to the fact that losing weight and changing your lifestyle isn’t something that happens in a few days or months. When you have 100+ pounds to lose like I do, I’ll be lucky if it only takes a year.

So I’m going to throw myself into loving me, taking care of me… and then maybe the right guy will step into my path. And I won’t have to go hunting for him.


Annnndddd on a much lighter note, my vacation is coming soon, soon, soon. Can NOT wait. I’m actually looking forward to work this week so I can beat the fuck out of it and get it over with. Then it’s fun time for about a week and a half!

As always, thanks for reading.



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