James Spader and Other Tidbits

So this is my first time posting from the WordPress app on my phone so excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

So I’m sure you guys are all seeing the gazillions of previews for NBCs new falk show The Blacklist. I think it looks like it has the potential to be a good one but what’s more than that is James Spader stars in it. Yuuuummmy. He’s still sexy even without hair.

I always watched Pretty in Pink as a kid and found him attractive and then after Secretary, forget it. I think it’s the voice. Anyway…I’ll be tuning in this Fall.

Moving on from Mr. Spader, I think it’s ironic that I just posted about my first love and two nights ago I heard from him on Facebook.  Does anyone else hear from their exes once every few months like I do? Or am I just that irresistible? So we talked a little bit and basically I told him that I’m not waiting around but the ball is in his court and I’m open to discussing the possibility of trying again. I’m pretty okay with not being with him, but am I open to it? Sure.

I hope soon I’ll be able to update you all with juicy sex stories but I’ve been steering clear of the dating sites lately. Happy Friday, all. Enjoy the weekend.



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