Blind Date

Happy Friday!

I meant to post a lot sooner than this about my most recent dating experience. But I’ve just been completely sapped of energy lately. Welp, here it is. Let’s just say that this blog is aptly named. Misadventures is right.

So here’s what went down. I was messaged last week (after the whole ex-one night stand fiasco) by a guy on the “nilla” site that I’m on. His message was thoughtful and sincere so I messaged him back even though my initial reaction upon seeing his profile wasn’t very positive. Why, you ask? He just wasn’t my type. But I overlooked it and we shared a few very platonic messages back and forth before moving to Yahoo IM.

I still was wishy washy on my feelings because while I wasn’t quite physically attracted to him, we had great conversation. So to make a long story short, I ended up going out with him last Saturday for brunch. I’ve never been on a date where I walked into the building and immediately wanted to turn around. Harsh? Definitely. But I’m nothing if not honest.

I’m also nothing if not kind. Despite how I might come off sometimes. So alas, I stayed for brunch and then on top of that I also stayed to walk through the book store. The conversation was…a bit one-sided. I seemed to keep having to come up with new topics for discussion or questions to ask. This is going to sound so silly. Really, really silly. But here it is.

I finally realized we had nothing in common when I walked in and saw him wearing mismatching plaid on plaid. Who does that?? I am FAR from perfect but I couldn’t take my eyes off him…and not in the good way. But this only made me realize (along with the dreadful conversation) that I shouldn’t have to settle for a guy I’m not into just because he’s nice. One day I’ll find someone who is nice, and lovely but also who is outgoing, tall, handsome, responsible, funny, and oh so charming.

Then the hardest part. I had to let him know it was a no go. I’ve always been the one to be hurt. I’ve never had to experience hurting someone and it does put me in the shoes of some of my former partners. But I did it, respectfully. It sucked, but he’s better off with someone who isn’t going to want to drag him outside or to dinner or to the park, or…you get where I’m going here, right?

So there it is! More boring love life information from BB.

But the good news is….it’s FRIDAY! Everyone have a super week-end,



2 thoughts on “Blind Date

  1. Well, this is awkward.

    I’m the guy she went on a date with in this post, and I can’t begin to express my regret having stumbled across it, somehow.

    BB, I am sorry you didn’t enjoy my company. I did genuinely enjoy your’s. I feel like this was written in a way to really reflects poorly on me, and that makes me sad. I feel like I was never anything but a gentleman to you. Maybe I’m boring, and I don’t know how to dress, and maybe I like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a lot more than Harlequin romance novels, but I think I’m pretty alright. My heart is in the right place, anyway.

    For what it’s worth, in hindsight I’m very glad these was never another date, but I just wish I could have back the ignorance I had before. Yuck đŸ˜¦

    Good luck with everything, Applesauce.

    • Dan –

      Thanks for commenting. I echo your opinion about awkward-ness. Though to be completely honest, I think it might have been made less awkward if you didn’t comment. Annnywayy….

      I did re-read my post (along with the rest of them on this blog) and decided that my post was fair. I wasn’t overly mean or nasty. A bit harsh, yes. But if you took the time to read any of my other posts, you’ll notice that I specifically use this blog to be completely honest. I don’t even paint myself in the best light.

      In point of fact, I also never said you were boring or ungentlemanly. Quite the opposite of the latter, actually.

      I’m still glad we went out because I learnt a lot from the experience and I hope you did too.

      I’m quite sure the Applesauce bit is some kind of dig but I’m too blonde to figure out what it is unless you mean to say that I’m boring. In which case, I would obviously disagree. I think both my sexual proclivities and kick-ass personality are prime examples of how un-boring I am. (See evidence #314 AKA this blog)


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