Who Am I?

When I was a younger girl I happened upon a blog about a submissive woman involved with her husband, a Dom. I read her blog posts for hours, completely enthralled with everything about BDSM.

But this wasn’t my first taste of the lifestyle. It comes naturally to me, I crave it in the bedroom. I want to be controlled and taken care of by a dominant but loving man. When I was still just a little girl my Barbies were the ones who were getting kidnapped and NOT getting rescued! I loved the ending of Aladdin where Jasmine is chained up and serving Jafar. I’ve always been very aware of who I am and what I enjoy sexually.

Now I’m twenty-four, a young adult, and I have finally had enough experiences to know what I want in a man. I’ve been on and off the internet in search of my perfect man for the last few years. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve tried Vanilla dating sites and lifestyle sites. So far I haven’t had any luck.

So here I am. I want to take people with me on my journey. I have every intention of detailing my exploits, the good and the bad. The vanilla and the kink.

These are my thoughts on dating. On finding the right match. On BDSM. On sex, love, and relationships.


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