The Twilight Zone

Cue the music. Because earlier this week I was in the Twilight Zone.

So remember my one night stand from a couple months ago? Well. Here’s the story. On Thursday night my e-mail app on my iPad randomly started working again after being broken for two months. So apparently it send all the e-mails that had failed from two months back. One of which happened to be from the one nighter. Oh, fuck.

So I woke up Friday morning to an e-mail saying how he was sad I had “disappeared” on him. Okay, huh, what? Did I miss something? I tried to continue on with the relationship and got all the wrong signals. So instead of being that crazy stalker chick, I dropped it and treated it like it was: a one night stand.

Anyway to make a long story short, because I really genuinely did like him, when he asked me out tonight I said sure. Just text me the details. And have I heard from him yet? Nope. LOL.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And you.

At least now I’m not totally confused about the whole thing and I know he was and is just after one thing.

BUT, that’s not all! On Friday night (the SAME day this one gets in touch with me, mind you) I get a message from my only other one night stand. I did sleep with someone shortly after my very first long term relationship ended on a bad note. In a way, it was totally therapeutic for me. But I never wanted to hear from him again. And here he is messaging me about how he wished we would have hooked up again, he liked my boobs, etc. I mean, c’mon guys.

So yeah, it was raining exes this week for me.

In other news…………..

I am literally trying so so so hard not to start counting down until my vacatioHilton-Grand-Vacations-Club-at-Seaworld-International-Center-Swimming-Pooln. I’m feeling super crispy and getting so sick of talking to people about insurance all day long (have I mentioned I sell insurance?) People are starting to piss me off and I’m losing my patience for these callers. I haven’t had more than a week-end off since last September. But in approximately three months I’ll be relaxing poolside, swimming with the dolphins, and riding the roller coasters in Orlando, FL. with my whole family! I’m psyched. I’ll make sure to include a photo of where we’re staying so you guys can be nice and jealous! I’ve decided to force myself to wait until July 29th to start the official countdown.

And in further news: My diet and exercise routine seems to finally be working out. I’ve lost 6.8 pounds in the last seven days and since I started being healthy a total of about 8 pounds. It’s slow going but progress is progress and I do feel happier and less stressed than before so I am going to just keep plugging away at it.

Hope everyone is well.


PS. Just finished a book called A Captive in the Dark. If you’re into a little non-con or kidnapping fantasy or even if you just like a good mindfuck, check it out. It’s only 99 cents on Amazon and had my eyes glued to just about every page.





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