Broke ‘Fatty’

Here’s why I don’t like responding to those I’m not interested in:

A 50 year old man sends me a message which is very nice and seemingly well thought out. It goes into my bulk mail (since I have it set for anyone 40+ to be sent there) and after reading it I felt like even though he was out of my age range, he seemed to be sincere in his message. I responded with the following.

Thank you for the message. You’re out of my age range but I always welcome new friends. 🙂

And now I have this lovely response in my bulk folder from him: “No thanks. I don’t need some uneducated fatty for a ‘friend’…”

Now, usually I just ignore these idiots. But in this situation, my profile quite clearly states that I am a BBW/curvy girl. So if he doesn’t want a “fatty” for a friend then I can only assume that his first sincere message to me was not so sincere after all but a copy/paste that he chooses to send to many women, hoping for a bite.

When I message someone, if he’s not interested in me, I get the message when he doesn’t respond. There’s no need for me to read a message saying he’s not interested. Which is why I usually don’t send those messages out. I have read on a lot of profiles though that it seems men would prefer a “no, thanks” versus no response at all. So for those who do put that extra effort into the message or for those who seem nice and/or sincere, I sometimes do respond (out of respect) to let them know I received and appreciated the message but am not interested.

To this gentleman I say: Thanks for making my night! Now please go fuck yourself. But before you do that, you old cock-sucking piece of shit prick, hear this: next time you message a 23 year old woman make sure she’s your type. Now go call the AARP. Geriatric fuck.

^ See what a fucking bitch I can be?

I’ve been “online dating” on and off since I was probably too young to do so. I’ve had my fair share of insults thrown my way. Being a bigger girl, I’ve had them said to my face too. I usually do a good job of ignoring them. But I gotta say – this particular insult comes at an awful time.

See, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been counting calories, eating healthier, and doing the treadmill every day (30 min every weekday and 1hr on the weekends.) I haven’t lost a pound.

Between not being able to lose any weight, my financial situation, being a little lonely, and work, I’m stressed to the max. I try not to think about it but every time I turn around it seems to be something else, something else. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I pose to my readers this question: how would you do it? I mean, losing weight right now is really important. I’ve got the treadmill. But I don’t have a lot of money. As much as I’d love to, I can’t grocery shop for fresh veggies 2x a week. Does anyone have any advice for food? Some background if it will help: I live alone and try to only grocery shop once every two weeks…my grocery budget is pretty stressed- about $75 every two weeks.

Any advice, suggestions, or help would be seriously appreciated in the exercise/food shopping/health/losing weight departments.

Happy hump day, guys.



2 thoughts on “Broke ‘Fatty’

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t give up. If your body isn’t used to the extra activity, it’s going insane right now building up muscle tissue, especially if you’re eating more protein. Muscle weighs a crap-ton more than fat, so you’re probably already losing fat, but the number on the scale won’t start going down for a little while longer. Barring that, Atkins always worked for me, although the first two weeks are hell.

    But don’t let an insult thrown from cowardice and his own insecurity about his age affect you. Some people are dicks, and there’s no age limit on rudeness.

    • Thanks for the kind words, as usual! 🙂

      I had a thought about the muscle but it would surprise me if that’s the case. I’ve done a lot of dieting and I’ve never had a first week where I didn’t lose 7+ pounds. Not giving up, going to take today to re-think my choices. I’m going to try eating more “fresh” and less frozen. For the past week, I’ve been living off Lean Cuisines and I just don’t think they’re as healthy as they boast.

      PS – made the fruit salsa and it was a huge hit! Glad I stumbled across the recipe.

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