Daddy Dom?

Hello, friends! Hope everyone’s enjoying their week. Hump day is over, huzzah!

Wanted to talk a little tonight about my love of older men. Ye Gods, I’m attracted to them. I’ll set the scene a little: I’m 23 and my ideal age range is 30-35 but I am so attracted to men in their forties as well.

I’ve been recently becoming curious in the babygirl/daddy type of relationship (without all the binkies, diapers, and footie pjs -that is just not for me!) Something about the protection quality involved is so enticing to me. But I’d like to have children sometime in the near future and I want my man to be young enough to keep up with them! Which just brings me back to my basic conundrum which is finding the right balance between BDSM and my nilla life.

Meanwhile, my search for the perfect Dom is not going so well. I was talking last week to someone who was attractive but a little older and the talk was all sex, sex, sex. We set up a tentative coffee date next Wednesday but I haven’t heard much from him recently and for that I’m secretly glad. It seemed like any kind of relationship coming from that would have been all sex and no actual commitment.

I also was approached by another gentleman who is (according to his profile) 47. Which is pretty much definitely out of my age range. But his messages and profile are so eloquently worded and have not been out of line or disrespectful like most of the messages I receive. I would love to talk more with him, get a photo, and see where things go.

So that’s where I stand today – be well!



7 thoughts on “Daddy Dom?

  1. Personally I think you should follow your heart. I’d like to believe age doesn’t matter as I’m 14 years younger than my husband. You never know until you give it a try?
    Initially the difference in age is quite substantial however you may find a connection to this this person and that’s what I believe it’s all about : )

    • Hi, thanks for the comment! I agree completely and I prefer older men. I just put a loose cap of 40 on it but if he’s older than that and my match so be it! If only one would come along now…. lol!

  2. Not many Daddy Doms participate in the whole diaper/binkie thing… it’s more a term describing their interaction with their subs. Although there are some out there, and some things do come into play, like baby talk etc, but it’s not necessarily age play. I’d probably hurt myself when I fell down laughing if my Daddy ever told me to put on a diaper. 😉

    As far as your distinguished gentleman friend, if he’s outside of your age range, tell him so, but tell him you’d like to be friends, and if he doesn’t turn out to be a creeper, it is possible he could become a mentor or protector in the scene for you.

    However… (there’s always a however!) the ones who sound nice and smart and non-pervy, well, they’re the ones you have to be especially cautious about. The creeper who advertises that he’s a creeper isn’t really a danger, it’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing that can cause the most pain and heartache. Trust me, I spent two, count ’em, TWO years of my life, waiting for the ‘nice’ Dom I met on-line to follow through. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, I fell for his bull, hook, line & sinker, and those who know me know that I’m usually the most cynical, practical and suspicious person they’ve ever met. What I ended up with was every on-line account I had being hacked, and ‘someone’ pretending to be me, sending pervy messages to my friends. It has taken almost two years to repair the majority of the damage done… and he’d be around 47 now…

    Be twice as suspicious of the ones who sound too far removed from the usual pervs & weirdos…

    Kink responsibly!


    • Thank you for the comment!

      I have perused a few profiles and groups and learned there are many, many, many different aspects to the Daddy/babygirl relationship. So far I fit in the middle, I think. More of a cutesy, pin-up, vintage, girly look. No age play, diapers, baby talk, etc but still I love to color, cuddle, and dress up as an adult. Even though I’ve been submissive forever, this dynamic is completely new to me.

      I will be more cautious with the good ones – so far I’ve talked in depth with a couple people who seem to be interested in me in all the right ways. And then suddenly, whoosh, they’re gone as soon as they realize I’m looking for a LTR. (Which is crazy that it has taken them that long to realize it since it’s made very clear on my profile.)

      Thanks again,

  3. Hi I know exactly what you mean. My wife and I have been seeking our special little girl for a while now and have been having just no luck. Anyway I just wanted to drop you line and tell you to keep heart you will find the right match soon. feel free to e-mail me anytime you want to talk or whatever…
    P.S. I feel like you are just what my wife and I have been looking for… and yes we want a LTR as well

    • Hello – thank you so much for the comment, it is really appreciated!
      Unfortunately I’m monogamous but I wish you and your wife the best of luck in your search. Please keep on dropping by my blog though, I always welcome new friends! 🙂

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