Fat Bottom Girls

My thoughts tonight are on my weight.

I’ve been actively searching for a partner for a few months now. I’m a bigger girl, I have curves, and yes I need to lose some weight in order to be healthy. I have to “market” myself online as a “BBW.” I hate this. I don’t like the term. It’s suppose to be positive but I feel like as soon as someone hears it they think about women much much larger than myself.

I carry my weight fairly well and would love to just put “curvy” on my profile but I suppose unfortunately it’s not very accurate. I was browsing the profiles online tonight and came across one from a very large woman. Looking through her photos there were so many comments praising her for how large she was. Some comments described how beautiful her “huge gut” was. Are we really serious right now? She had a gorgeous face but can someone that large even have sex??? I’m trying not to hate on girls bigger than me (because I’m considered medically obese myself) but when I see something like that it irks me.

Am I being hypocritical? Yes, to a point. But I just never understood how people that large (we’re talking 500+lbs) can justify being so unhealthy. It really makes me step back and take a look at how I’m living my life. I’ve been heavy all my teen/adult life and have been actively involved in trying to lose weight and be healthier.

I don’t want to be loved for my fat. I don’t want to be with a fat fetishist or a feeder. I don’t think my belly is sexy. I think I’m sexy as a person. As a whole, who I am is sexy. I just want to find a man who will love me for me. Not for me being a “BBW” or a big woman. Because sorry guys, I don’t plan to be a BBW forever.

I rambled here but there needs to be some sort of line that we draw. I am ALL for the fat girls gettin’ some lovin’. But we need to love our bodies first and the best way to do that is to be healthier!

Until next time,


PS – I feel like I threw the heavier women under the bus tonight and by no means am I skinny. I’m 5’3 and approximately 265lbs.


3 thoughts on “Fat Bottom Girls

  1. What a brave and honest post! It truly has inspired me to take a look at myself and my own thoughts of self loathing and the way I see others.

  2. As a man that prefers Bigger woman, I would like to say I struggle with the morality of it everyday. My wife is the most beautiful woman iv ever seen and at 300+ pounds she’s perfect for an FA like me. That being said I’m also a bit of a wieght gain fetishist and a feeder, and she has indulged my fantasies through out the years. I am constantly restraining my fantasies so as not to impose my more extreme desires on her, please understand although I would love for her to gain and continue to gain one very important aspect is that she is also enjoying it, if she’s just doing it to appease me then it causes me to feel like a creep. Now presently she has decided to lose wieght for health reasons which I support her on I would hate for my fetish to hurt her in anyway, she is also looking into weight loss surgery which has me scared and a little upset, I know she can lose the weight on her own, but she worries about keeping it off, irrationally I’m worried that she’ll lose too much weight (her goal is to lose about 100 pounds or so which I’m good with) also I mourn the loss of my feedee I know she needs to lose the wieght but who knows what the future holds. The bottom line is I love her completley and unconditionally, her size and curves are just the icing on the cake for me! My advice to you would be love the skin your in. Do you know what made that 500+ pound woman so beautiful and sexy to her followers? It was her confidance and self love. Love yourself, accept your 265 lbs and use it to your advantage wear something sexy, tight or revealing (try it once out at a club youll get some attention i promise) you will find someone who finds you irresistible!

    • Firstly, thank you so much for the comment! It is truly appreciated. Despite being part of an alternative lifestyle myself I am not as schooled on the Feeder aspect as I’d like to be. Great for your wife for trying to be healthier, it’s something that I strive for every day. I’m okay with how I look and I never want to be a skinny girl (love my curves too much for that!) but I would love to be healthier and at least drop down from ‘obese’ to just overweight. Weight loss surgery is certainly a scary thing but I’ve thought about it myself. Perhaps you can help her by creating more healthy choices in the kitchen/bed. Would you still be satisfied feeding her something a little healthier? If so, go for it! Because I think that might be some great positive encouragement for her too. Either way, it sounds like you love and appreciate her every day which I congratulate.

      Thank you for the advice, I find myself slowly stepping closer to going out of my boundaries. I need to attend a munch but I’m a bit shy and haven’t gotten that far yet. One day, one day!

      Thanks again for the comment and don’t be a stranger!


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